Our Story

        Our Happy Box team was first introduced to the beauty of Ryor products 15 years ago when we sampled and instantly loved their Ryamar cream. Made from natural ingredients including the nutritious and healing amaranth seed we instantly gravitated to this richly silky texture and the creams incredible properties. At the time, the cream was healing our founder's aunt as she recovered from breast cancer as well as many other women's skin healing after radiation. Only to discover that the healing properties had a tremendously lovely impact on healthy skin too. While our founder used it on her young, early twenties skin, without a trace of wrinkles or issues, she understood the importance of prevention, while gravitating to the lovely scent and texture of the moisturizer.

The same Ryamar cream, with the same carefully sourced natural ingredients, are used in the cream today. Living in sunny California we had a plethora of options for the best products, yet we continued to travel to the Czech Republic, packing our suitcases with these lovely items to share with our friends. Our efforts only made a tiny impact, so we decided to form our own company in January 2015. 

                                                                                                OUR      HAPPY      BOX

The meaning behind the three carefully selected words ensures that - Our Suppliers, Our Employees, Our Charities, and Our Customers are happy, all thanks to the Box delivering unique products. The magical box then contributes to all of our happiness, even if for a moment, but we strive to deliver on our promise forever. With the name and ideas in hand, we headed back to the Czech Republic with a quest and strategy to bring these incredible products home, only this time, not in our suitcase. 

As we imagined, the integrity of the cream matched the integrity of it’s creators who spent decades perfecting these potions. The loveliest of people our suppliers are also gifted creators utilizing natural and carefully selected products. As the owner told her story, during our almost five-hour first meeting, we marveled at the fact that her daughter as a toddler ate a whole tub of the cream. If it's good enough to eat, it's good enough to nourish your skin!

                                                                                                       Enjoy the Beauty of Ryor,

                                                                                                                  - Our Happy Box