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Sheet masks are a Korean beauty trend that took the world by storm and have given us a gift of plumper, hydrated skin. Who doesn’t want that? There are sheet mask options for everyone, from the very affordable at $1 each to pricier options, all targeting various skin concerns making it easy to find a sheet mask for your every skin need. Some people even use a sheet mask every day! I, being on the lazier side, might do one once or twice a week for to give my skin an extra boost.

Sheet masks can be made out of a variety of materials including: microfiber (most common), hydrogel, biocellulose, etc. They are soaked in a variety of essences and nutritious good stuff and the mask works to lock in all that moisture for your skin to absorb.

Here’s how to use a sheet mask.

Sheet Masking Right

  1. Cleanse your skin
  2. Prep the skin with toner
  3. Apply the sheet mask. Some sheet masks come with a protective layer that you’ll need to remember to peel off.
  4. Apply a moisturizer if desired, and SPF if it’s daytime.

Sheet masks replace the essence/ampoule/serum step in a skincare routine which is after toning and before moisturizer. Some people skip moisturizer since the sheet mask can be very hydrating, but for my dry skin, I like to top off with moisturizer to seal everything in.

Tip: You’ll also notice there’s a lot of leftover essence in the pouch that you can take and pat it into your neck and other parts of your body. The essence is the good stuff, so I don’t like to waste any of it!

Two of my favorite sheet masks:

It sells for $12 for a 10-pack on Amazon, making it one of the cheaper options for sure. It’s perfect for if you want to try masking every day or just testing out if sheet masks are something you want to use!

I’ll admit, I was very skeptical about this sheet mask until I tried it and changed the sheet mask game for me entirely. The sheet mask is made with 100% bamboo fiber. It feels thinner than regular cotton sheet masks and clings onto your skin much better. No more worrying about the sheet mask sliding off your face! My skin was noticeably brighter and plumper after I used this mask.

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