How It All Got Started

Ryor Cream with Amaranth Oil lotion for sensitive skin

Before starting a nonprofit organization with an emphasis on benefiting women around the world, I worked in the corporate world, yet I always searched for something more fulfilling. Not only for myself and the women we were helping but for my children as well. I wanted to set an example for my daughter and son, that working for something you believe in that benefits more people than just yourself is something admirable.

Private resources only got us so far, with my mom globe-trotting to give her time and work in the name of MamaAid—our collective efforts reached such a small number of women (and their children), that I realized there had to be more we could do. That’s where Our Happy Box comes in. By founding Our Happy Box in February 2015, I created an e-commerce store that would allow us to give more.

The first brand was a natural choice, based on a relationship spanning almost 17 years now. As the largest producer of skin care in the Czech Republic, Ryor is a well-recognized brand and one I was introduced to through my mother’s charity work in Prague, providing women care and resources during their recovery from breast cancer. Ryor also worked with the same charity, giving these women Amaranth cream to assist in the healing process. For this reason, Ryor has always stood out as an admirable brand—charitable and dedicated to creating natural products that are effective and healing.

The Ryor founder, Eva Stepankova, is a chemist by trade who went on to found Ryor and to produce natural, effective skincare that is accessible to all. Why shouldn’t there be a skincare line that works, benefits women in need, and is affordable? The Ryor Amaranth Cream was originally developed to help women recovering from breast cancer, specifically to treat scarred skin after radiation, but it also made their skin more supple and healthier, quickly gaining popularity with all women.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, for the entire month of October, we are donating 100% of the proceeds of the Amaranth Cream to Mary's Place by the Sea, a recovery center for women undergoing cancer treatment that emphasizes holistic healing. The center provides services such as guided meditation, counseling, nutritional classes, yoga and more, all thanks to donations.

From now on, we will pick a product and feature a charity each month where the proceeds will go directly to that charity. Stay tuned to see who we are honoring next month!




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