Chriselle Lim Getting Real

Chriselle Lim and her daughter Chloe

Chriselle Lim, globetrotter, digital influencer, fashion icon. Most recently spotted at Paris Fashion Week sitting with fellow fashion influencer, Aimee Song from Song of Style.

Chriselle Lim is inspiring in more ways than one, a self-made woman who turned her passions into a job. She saw a need in the digital fashion world for more curated content and ran with it. From Youtube spawned her popular blog, The Chriselle Factor

Lim’s Instagram feed is dotted with pictures of her to-die-for shoe collection, fabulous outfit ensembles, and of course her husband and her adorable two-year-old Chloe. Luxury makeup, fashion shows, and food spreads complete the rest of her picture perfect life. But as everyone knows too well, Instagram is a highlight reel and for social media influencers, these are the highlights of their highlight reel. It’s their job, after all.

Recently however, Lim has been showing a new side of her life on her Youtube channel. It’s a strong dose of reality and a much welcome one in a world where it’s often just one side of the whole story.

In a collaboration, Chriselle talks about motherhood with Jenn from From Head To Toe who is a new mom and fellow Youtuber. Chriselle and Jenn opened up about the challenges of motherhood in the public eye such as the many criticisms they would receive as parents.

In another video, Chriselle vlogs about her real life showing the realities of raising a child. There are shots of Chriselle struggling to get her daughter Chloe into her uniform with Chloe throwing a fit and footage of Chriselle getting teary-eyed.

It’s hard to show others your imperfections. Harder still on the scale Chriselle Lim operates at, with over 700 thousand subscribers on Youtube and over 800 thousand followers on Instagram. I cringe at the thought of even crying in front of my friends once, and I can’t even imagine having a video out there where they could replay the scene over and over.

Such honesty on social media is refreshing and I admire her for it. While I’m not happy that she has struggled, I’m happy for the reminder that we all have struggles. It’s a reminder that while people can look like they have it all together, life is always more difficult than it appears. And despite it all, we march on.

Featured image source: The Chriselle Factor

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