All About Eye Creams

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Ahh, eye cream. Those small tubs of ridiculously priced moisturizer designed specifically for your eye area. (To be fair, not all eye creams come in a small tub. Our Ryor Caviar Day Cream comes in a 50 mL container!)  Who needs them? And why can’t we just use regular moisturizers for our eye area?

Why do we need eye cream?

Eye cream isn’t only for those in their 40s, and many recommend using eye creams as early as your teens. With eye creams, it’s all about prevention. Your skin is an investment after all.

We need eye creams because the skin around your eyes is different from the skin on the rest of your face. The skin around your eyes is thin and dry and it doesn’t have oil-producing glands like the rest of your skin. These are all factors that increase absorption and sensitivity, claims Heidi Waldorf, MD, a New York-based dermatologist. Because of this, face creams are often too harsh for the skin around your eyes. Eye creams are usually designed to be lighter and contain specific ingredients that address dark circles and puffiness.

How to pick an eye cream

Some ingredients to look out for when shopping for an eye cream: caffeine, peptides, and antioxidants. If your problem is with dark circles, you might want to search for an eye cream that contains caffeine which helps constrict blood vessels and reduces puffiness. Or try an eye cream that contains collagen-plumping peptides to counteract the hollows underneath your eyes. Eye creams with antioxidants help prevent collagen damage for those looking for anti-aging prevention.

Tips for using eye cream

1. Be gentle!

Tap or gently massage your eye cream. Be careful not to pull at the skin, which can contribute to the formation of wrinkles. Use a gentle touch for the delicate skin around your eyes.

2. Let it sink in

Give it a moment to sink in after you apply your eye cream before you put on your makeup. You don’t want your makeup to bunch up because of your eye cream!

3. Use a pea-sized amount
Using more product does not make it more effective! A pea-sized amount is more than enough for your eye area.

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