Relaxing by The Pool - Introducing Our Happy Box

Today, on the first day of July, marks a milestone for Our Happy Box, and we thought what better way to celebrate than to lounge by the pool. After swimming for a few hours, we were tuckered out, enjoying the sun's rays, reflecting on our adventures and hard work that brought us here.

Now that we are well past the halfway point of 2015 we reflect on the first part of the year, and the tremendous efforts put forth by our team. Specifically our suppliers abroad, the team of wonderful women in the Kysice, Czech Republic office. It is hard to believe that only this past January we approached Ryor - the best and largest cosmetic line in the Czech Republic, to allow us to distribute their magical products. Our admiration for the products began much longer ago, 15 years to be exact when my mother and I started using the Ryor cream with amaranth oil.

The stars aligned,  and on March 25th, we found ourselves, traveling. The Our Happy Box all woman team, my mom in tow was headed across the globe. After a 14-hour SFO --> Zurich --> Prague flight, we were jet lagged. Staying with family friends, putting final touches on our presentation and then traveling another 30 minutes to the small town west of Prague, excited, energetic and becoming more impressed by the minute. As we toured the facility, we began to understand the pristine process behind the masterpiece. The integrity of the overall operation - from the people, ingredient sourcing, research, lab and organization to fit the integrity of the product.

A dozen cups of coffee later (thank you Ryor!), five or so hours of deliberation (my MacBook running out of battery midway), countless Ryor products (all lovely!), there was no need for lunch, we had the beginnings of an agreement. A week long trip to Prague that was intended to be half business half pleasure turned into the most pleasurable business week ever. The time came to head back (to see those two cuties laying by the pool above), and to continue our adventure.

Fast forward four months and we find ourselves here, in Tahoe, finally relaxing, and celebrating our first advertisement with the well known, San Francisco Bay Area, M Magazine, our site launch, a list of customers, and so much to be thankful for.  


                                                                                   Much Love,





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